Games I Know For Sure I Can Run (Probably)


SEE YOU SPACE COWBOY abbreviated CUSC is a ruleslite cowboy beepboop game. It's easy to run and pretty improv heavy so I could run it on short notice. It is incredibly beginner and oneshot friendly. Crawl is an in-developement game from the same developer that uses the same basic engine for old-school dungeon-crawling, currently Patreon only.

Holmes Basic D&D/Blueholme

THe 1977 Holmes edition of D&D is the so-easy-a-caveman-can-do-it version. Blueholme is a modern clone that expands Holmes for high-level play. The original also comes with a dungeon, and Blueholme has a module that serves as an expanded version of that too.


The world's favorite Teen Titans simulator. There are a few more moving parts to this one than the other two but once you get the hang of them it absolutely nails the vibe. Based on the Apocalypse World engine ("PbtA").

Games I Want To Try


Sci-Fi Fridays circa 2000 simulator. PbtA like Masks, and still in beta but it already looks pretty darn good.

Against the Odds

PbtA fantasy adventure game. Unlike stuff like Crawl and Dungeon World, it's less a melding of D&D and PbtA mechanically and more an emulation of the story beats in fantasy media.


Another rules-lite game similar to CUSC for Metal Gear-type action. Irregular is a hack to make it about sad robots.

Space Train Space Heist

Space train space game based on the Blades in the Dark engine ("FitD"). Meant for oneshots and looks pretty nutty in a good way.

Armor Astir: Advent

PbtA fantasy mech game?

Blasting Off Again/A Monster's Tale

The first is a PbtA Team Rocket game, and the second is in beta taking the same system and breaking it out into a full fledged Pokemon game.

Monster of the Week

PbtA monster hunting game, one of the early genre codifiers and very well-regarded.

Rod, Reel, and Fist

Man I Love Fishing