_NetNomad playing Planxty Erwin by Turlough O'Carolan.

    Hi! I'm _NetNomad and I am an FM chiptune artist living in Buffalo, New York. I write music for old computers such as the MSX series and SEGA consoles. I really enjoy music, history, technology, and games, so chiptune is the perfect intersection of my interests and passions. I like to pull bits and pieces of all sorts of different music in my work and my favorite kinds of music are classic rock, synthpop, Irish trad, jazz fusion, and of course classic VGM and contemporary chiptune! I have done music for several small game jam video games, and have also published a few small games myself. I write games for the MSX line of computers and try to give new life to perepherals and add-ons that have been long-neglected such as paddle controllers.

   I'm a founding staff member of the artist collective DX Complex. We're all about encouraging artists at any and every skill level and staunchly against the idea that an artistic medium can be rendered obsolete. If you wanna learn more, you can check out our website and drop into our discord server! You can hear our members' music on our faircamp page, including a number of compilations. Additionally, while not an official member of the studio itself, I've had the pleasure of being on the Tidal Wave Games Podcast a number of times as a player and highly recommend them for all of your tabletop-roleplaying wants and needs.

This website is a perpetual work in progress, so if there's information here you're looking for but can't find, don't be shy about contacting me via social media or by email.

    My latest record Spare Parts is now out! Head on over to music.dxcomplex.com or dxcomplex.bandcamp.com for a free download or feel free to stream it on your platform of choice. I hope you enjoy!